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The 4Noah Various Laboratory
The 4Noah Various Laboratory

Image of "My Teacher is an Alien!" - by Pete Wells with the 4Pete's Sake padlock utility overlaid.

The 4Noah Various Laboratory

Home to all other William Pilgrim / One Switch projects. If it's not video gaming, music or art related it has a home here. This area includes works in progress that are either still in progress or presently abandoned.

  Random (PC)



Random (PC) - Image of Alphabetti Spaghetti


Random (PC - Free)
Trigger a random letter from A-Z using a switch set as the UP arrow. Escape to quit. Use with compatible web and music toys. Could be used to run a game of the A-Z quiz too.
  One Switch Reader



One Switch Reader - Browse through Kindle, Word, PDF and websites using a single switch.


One Switch Reader
A simple one-switch utility aimed at making individual Kindle, Word, PDF and web-site documents easy to browse through
  4Pete's Sake



4Pete's Sake - Image of Power Point story 'My Teacher is an Alien!' title screen with padlock in box with arrow on top.


4Pete's Sake
A utility aimed at making Power Point stories more accessible for one-switch users. Can be used in two different modes:

Padlock Mode: Switch One moves the story forward one step then is automatically locked out. Switch Two unlocks Switch One.

Back and Forth Mode: One Switch steps the story in the direction of an alternating arrow.
  4Noah Dice



4Noah Dice - Image of a single die showing five spots.


4Noah Dice
A work in progress aiming to bring one to five dice under the control of one or two switches.
Click on the dice to download this work in progress.

N.B. All 4Noah utilities are the copyright of William Pilgrim © 2009, 2012 hosted here with his kind permission. These may not be charged for or adapted without prior permission.

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