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Welcome to the Library. If you live in or around South East Essex (UK), and would like to borrow anything from our shop. Please get in touch.

Welcome to the Library 

The OneSwitch Library hosts a range of free downloads, articles and instructions. You will find over one hundred one switch games, William Pilgrim's 4Noah Laboratory, articles on using switches and more. Please feel free to browse at your leisure.

For people wishing to borrow switch accessible leisure and gaming equipment in the UK, I highly recommend contacting the charity SpecialEffect.

  One Switch Games



One Switch Games Download Area.


100+ single switch PC games with links to more.

  The ATE Arcade



The ATE Arcade. Image from Shenmue II. Ryo Hazuki wondering if he can play Outrun or if he can't play, perhaps due to it's inaccessible nature.


The ATE (Accessible Through Emulation) Arcade.

Making previously inaccessible console, coin-op and computer games playable.

  The 4Noah Laboratory



The 4Noah Laboratory. Outline image of a hand pressing a button.


Empowering switch utilities for PC by William Pilgrim.

  Game Access Info



Game Accessibility Information Symbol (aka The Joypad Rider).


Free to use Game Accessibility Information symbol. Use to bring attention to access features in any game product.

  Cronus Device



Cronus Device instructions, download and help.


Help and downloads supporting this powerful Playstation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One adapter.

See also the newer Titan One device.




JoyToKey instructions.


Help, videos and downloads linked to JoyToKey enabling joystick actions to be converted to keyboard and mouse events.

For use with Windows PCs and if linked to a Cronus Device Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 too. Huge possibilities.

  iOS Switch Recipes



Switch Recipes for iOS (iPads and iPhones).


Switch Recipes and Guided Access help for iPad and iPhone users..

  Scanning Practice



Scan and Select Practice utility


Practice one-switch scanning and selecting with this free PC or Mac utility.

By Gary Derwent.

  Shaking Things Up



Physical Barriers in Video Games


Can full-body games become more accessible?

Dimitris Grammenos ICS-FORTH (2012)

  Physical Barriers in Video Games



Physical Barriers in Video Games


An accessible gaming article aimed at Game Developers.

Barrie Ellis and Eric Walker (2006)

  Using switches booklet




Using Switches and Switching systems with people who have Severe Learning Difficulties.

A transcription of the 1996 ROMPA book by Chris Addis.

  Accessible Gaming Pioneers



Pioneers of Accessible Gaming.


A brief history of game accessibility from the 1960's to the modern age.

  Classic Gaming Expo 2005



Accessible Gaming at the Classic Gaming Expo UK


Photos of One Switch exhibiting Accessible Games at the UK Classic Gaming Expo in 2005.


Playstation PC interface



Playstation, CD, DVD Switch Interface.


Instructions and ideas for the 2001 adapted Namco Arcade Stick Playstation/PC switch interface.


Number Generator



BBC Micro Switch Programmes.


Instructions for the BBC Micro "Thurrock Care Switch Programmes" set-up.





Hitari Tumbler - adapted for 2 switch use.


Instructions for Hitari Tumbler radio controlled car, adapted for switch use.


Virtual Betting System



Virtual Betting System.


Use with on-line virtual Greyhound Racing, or adapt your own for other fun bets such as Virtual Duck Races!

Top image of Christopher Myers playing a Shenmue mini-game of Darts on the Sega Dreamcast, using two head switches.

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