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Ideas: The News
Ideas: The News (picture from

It's important to try to give people an idea of the world that they live in, no matter how severe the learning disability. The internet is just one of many ways to get across international, local and personal news.

I recommend you use a fast broadband internet connection if you can. Long boring pauses can seriously affect conentration. Here are a handful of useful links:

News sources:

BBC Inclusive Newsreader - Newsround stories with a highly accessible interface.
Symbol World - The news in symbols.
News 2 You - Occasional UK news from Inclusive.

DisabilityNow - UK disability newspaper.
BBC - BBC News in various forms, including video.
Ouch! - BBC Disability magazine. Fun and informative.
PaperBoy - View the Newspapers of the World on-line. - UK Disability issues.

Pictures (to back up news) Pictures (to back up news):

Altavista Image Search Engine
Google Image Search Engine

Sounds and Music (to back up news) Sounds and Music (to back up news):

Internet Radio can prove a fascinating source of world music, voices and sounds: - Sound Search Engine.
Radio-Locator - World Radio
Win-Amp Radio - World Radio - search on a song or genre.

Other resources:

BabelFish - International Language Translator. - International Currency Convertor.
Multimap - Maps and Ariel photos of UK and the World.

RealOne - Free Multi-media player.
IrfanView - Free Image viewer with excellent Slideshow. - Writing with Symbols commercial software.

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