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Search Engines

Google - The best gateway to the internet.
How Stuff Works - Answers to Questions.
Video Jug - Short films of Answers to Questions.
Wikipedia - On-line Encycolopedia.

Accessible Computer Games

Switch Gaming - The One Switch central point for switch gamers.
Game Accessibility Links - The most active sites and forums, such as...
AbleGamers, SpecialEffect and The IGDA GASIG.

Accessible Toys

Excitim - The home of "dream technology" (UK).
OneSwitch Shop - Switch adapted Toys and Games (UK).
OneSwitch Blog for the latest news on switch toys and games.
QED - Simple toy battery adapters and more (UK).


OneSwitch Art - Switch art and ideas.
OneSwitch Blog - The latest art ideas and products. - Free art musueums to explore on-line. - Sell your own art on-line. - Free photographs on-line.
IrfanView - Free Image utility with excellent Slideshow.
Pixlr - On-line graphics editing.

Daniel Brown - Amazing Reactive Art on-line activities, such as Angel.
Etherbrian - Talented free-lance artist.
Z Productions - Paul Granjon's wonderful creations.

Assistive Technology

Ability Net - Free help and factsheets on assistive technology.
Ability Net GATE - Assistive Technology Wiki including switch systems.
access2it - Various assistive technology for sale.
ACE Centre - Some exciting projects around Assistive Technology.
Assistive Technology - AT shop.
Adaptive Tech Solutions - Various assistive technology (USA).
Aidis Trust - Offer A.T. assessments and support with a free help-line (UK). - Assistive Technology News Portal.
Communication Matters - Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) charity.
Dad in a Shed - Affordable Assistive Technology from a shed!
Dynavox - Augmentative communication devices.
EduPro - Dutch company supporting much assistive technology.
Experia - Multi-sensory company.
Ian Bean - Inspirational Special Needs ICT consultant.
Inclusive Technology - Largest supplier of AT ware.
Independent Living - Searchable information source.
JoyToKey - Use a joystick to control a PC Mouse and Keyboard. Free to download.
Lauren S. Enders Pinterest Boards - Superbly curated list of assistive software and hardware.
Liberator - Well priced assistive technology and some superb resources.
Makoa - Environmental control links and much more.
NanoGames - Highly accessible games.
Natural Point - Head Trackers. - Games, art, music, fun ideas and a service offering to make existing toys and equipment switch accessible. Includes the 4Noah Laboratory.
Priory Woods School - On-line switch and touch screen activities, including "switch videos" and interactive story books.
QED Ltd. - Very wide choice of switches and sensors.
Reactickles - Computer activities aimed at Autistic Children.
RJ Cooper - AT shop and support from the USA.
Rompa - Disability equipment, and owners of Snoezelen.
SEN / ICT Directory - Nicely organised list of events, suppliers, charities and more.
Sensory Guru - Sensory specialists.
SEN Switcher - Fantastic resource of on-line educational switch activities. Great for absolute beginners with switches.
SEN Teacher - Many resources for "Special Educational Needs" teaching.
SmartBoxt - Communication and Environmental control equipment.
SpaceKraft - Specialise in 'multi-sensory environments'.
Spectronics - Australia and New Zealand resources.
TalkSense - An invaluable resource of switch and communication advice.
Tech Cess Ltd. - Powerful communication devices, switches and other controllers.
Technical Solutions Australia - Superb range of assistive technology.
The Sensory Company - Really interesting UK source of multi-sensory environments.
Toby Churchill - AAC Communication devices.
UK AT News - Everything about Assistive Technology in the UK.
Universal Access Games - Including an excellent training utility for new switch users.


Pinterest - A public pinboard for sharing interests. - UK Disability forums.

Do It Yourself

OneSwitch - D.I.Y. Accessible equipment guides.

Maplin Electronics - On-line components shop (UK).
RS Online - International source of components.
The Basic Soldering Guide - by Alan Winstanley.
Circuit Bending - Reed Gazala's art of circuit bending.

Funding Support for Assistive Technology

The Sequal Trust - Legendary UK charity with links back to the origins of the electronic assistive technology movement. Raise funds for adults and children in the UK requring often very expensive communication aids and adapted technology.

Caudwell Children - Provide funding for various equipment in the UK.
Children Today Charitable Trust - For up to 25 year olds in the UK.
Elilfar Foundation - For disabled children and adults.
Lifeline 4 Kids - Grants for specialised computers and sensory toys.
Smile For Life - For up to 18 year olds in the UK.
The Jonathan Young Memorial Trust - Specialist equipment support.
The Nihal Armstrong Trust - Cerebral Palsy linked grants.
The True Colours Trust - For 18-26 year olds in the UK.

Round Table - Great Britain and Ireland fund raising support.
The Lions Club - British Isles and Ireland community support.
The Rotary Club - International support.


Touch Psychotherapy - an approach that may be particularly helpful to disabled people facing significant communication disabilities and stresses in their lives. See more at the "Bloch Healing" private therapy practice site.

BBC Health - UK health advice.
Mencap - Health tools and resources aimed at better supporting learning disabled people.

Human Rights

Equality and Human Rights Commission (UK)
Pioneers One and Pioneers Two.

Equality Act 2010 (UK)
Raising Our Sights (UK)
Valuing People Now (UK)
Valuing People Now (UK) - Easy read.

Amnesty International
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
DAN - Disabled People's Direct Action Network (UK).

Cheer Up
Disabled and Proud - Uplifting activists (International).

International Tools

Google Maps - Maps and Satellite images of the World. Superb.
Google Translate - Language translation.
Online Conversion - Measurements conversion site. - International Currency Convertor.
The Time Now - Time around the world in a more accessible format.
Time and - World Time.

News - BBC web-pages and the brilliant Ouch! blog.
BILD - British Institute of Learning Disabilities.
DisabilityNow - Leading UK disability site and newspaper.
The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
PaperBoy - Newspapers On-line.
Symbol World - News, jokes, stories and more in symbols.

Sound, Music and Video

Drake Music - Pioneering inclusive musicians.
OneSwitch Music - Ideas, equipment and more. - Sound search engine.
Radio-Locator - Internet Radio - search on location. - Free sounds galore.
Sound Wave Therapy - Lovely speaker filled chairs.
The Smalls - An intimate place to showcase short films.
The Hype Machine - Music blogs.
WinAmp - Free MP3 music player.
YouTube - Massive video hosting site.

Places to go (UK)

Changing Places - First things first - you'll need access to a loo. This organisation promotes the need for fully accessible toilets around the UK with hoists.
Airport Guide - Disabled and Reduced Mobility Airport Guide from Parkat.
Euan's Guide - Accessible venues near you in the UK.
Good Access Guide - Guides to UK access.
Rough Guide to Accessible Britain - Free guide for those on Motability scheme.
Thurrock POINT - Loads of help for getting around the UK.
Transport for London - Accessibility guides and maps for London public transport.
Travel Chair - MERU's airplane accessible seat.

The Beautiful Octopus Club - Superb London nightclub run by and for learning disabled people.
Calvert Trust - Holidays and respite care, specialising in outdoor activities in the UK.
Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court - Wheelchair accessible orchestrated fountains of water that you can zoom in and out of.
Jubilee Sailing Trust - Adapted tall ships for short or long holidays.
Timeout - What's going on in London and other World cities.

Places to go (International)

Casa do Lago - Wheelchair accessible holiday home in Portuagal.

Shops (not AT specific)

CAPR STYLE - Bespoke clothing for disabled children and teenagers. - Sell foam products & supports. Offer a custom made to measure wheelchair cushion, mattress & support service. - Buy and sell new and 2nd hand disability equipment. Includes a Leisure and Recreation section.
Ebay - Largest on-line auction site in the world.
Racketys - Pro disability Kids clothing.
Sensory Slumber - Bespoke weighted blankets and lap pads (UK).
YoureAbleShop - Disability Aids and Mobility products (UK).

Glowtopia - Glow sticks, LED toys, novelties and UV Cosmetics (UK).
The Glowhouse - Excellent online shop offering glow sticks and flashing novelties.
Elwire Craft - Lovely Tron like El Wire kit to buy (UK).
Happy Glow Lucky - Fantastic range for Sensory rooms and Parties.
Glow Sticks - Clubber Toys - Glow To Sleep - All kinds of glowing gear (UK).
Live Wire - Electroluminescent wire (US).
Novelty Imports - Wholesale flashing sensory toys & light up event novelties (UK).
SureLight - Electroluminescent wire specialists (UK).
The Glow Company - Glow sticks and El' wire products (UK).
The Wonky Rhombus Shop - Eclectic lights and mock fire-places (UK).

Various web-sites and blogs

Ableize - UK Disabled Information and Disability Resources.
Check The Map - Find Learning Disability services across the UK.
Disability DirectoryUK - All your disability requirements listed in their disability directory for the UK. - Fine destination web site for disABILITY information and resources.

Dating - Ideas and support with dating and friend finding.
Family Friendly Fun - Offers fun and health resources to enhance the quality of life for families with disabilities and special needs.
Living with Cerebral Palsy - Friendly and varied site with message boards, games, photos, and more.
Scholarships and Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities - Help in the USA in finding affordable education.
The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
Travel Resources for Flying - Various flying advice (USA).
Winning in College: A guide for Students with Disabilities - a mix of USA advice for those moving from high school to college (USA).

Web-cams and Interactive Views

British - 360° views of British tourist attractions.
Earth Cam - World wide cameras.
Panoramas.DK - Virtual Reality interactive views of the world.

Wheelchair and mobility products

OneSwitch Wheelchair Blog Posts - Customisation and new wheelchair ideas.
Wheelchair Pride Blog - Super positive blog.

Able2Wear - Wheelchair and adaptive clothing for all ages (UK).
Alpine HC Group - A range of specialised seating and furniture (UK).
BUGZI - Indoors electric wheelchair for kids from 18-months to 6 years (UK).
Eagle 2 Passenger Lifter - Hoist for people needing one on airplanes. - A very wide range of wheelchairs, accessories and other mobility and independence products (UK).
Landeez Beach Chairs for Hire - Landeez Beach Chairs for Hire at Teignbridge and Dawlish Warren sea-side resorts. Contact Julie on 07876 396648 Mon-Fri (UK).
Liberty Swing - Playground wheelchair swings (Australia).
Lightest Electric Wheelchair - Foldaway powered chair (Australia).
London Recumbents - Accessible bikes, tandems and more.
Number 1 Stair Lifts - Impartial guide to stair lifts.
Reha Design - International web-store full of great looking products (Lithuania).
SMART Wheelchairs Limited - Excellent provider of child to adult wheelchair products - recommended (UK).
Stair Life Experts - Includes a fine post on 126 gadgets to help regain independence in your own home (UK).
Tank Chair - Amazing, and slightly scary! (US).
Welcome Mobility - Huge range of mobility products including wheelchairs, ramps and benefits help (UK).
Wizzy Bug - Outdoors Kids Electric Wheelchair. Fun! (UK).

Wheelchair Mobility Training (download) - "Computer simulation environments designed to help teach orthopedically impaired individuals to safely operate powered and manual wheelchairs." - A 3D PC Wheelchair trainer.
Wheel Kid (download demo) - 2D PC Wheelchair trainer (Dutch).

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