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Budget XAC Stick

Xbox Adaptive Controller budget controller
£30 Predator Joystick (XAC/PC) + postage

A budget analogue joystick that works with the Xbox Adaptive Controller and Windows PCs via USB.

These controllers are new old stock PC analogue controllers with a USB adapter. They have been serviced and recentred to cure drift issues. On a PC the buttons are seen as button 1 and 2. On the XAC they are a little less useful.

  • PC and Xbox Adaptive Controller compatible.

  • Analogue joystick for precise control.

  • Can act as a Mouse replacement on PC with free software such as JoyToKey.

  • Optional Game Control Mixer enables connection to Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and much more.

  • Dimensions (ball-top): 20cm high. Base 21cm x 16cm.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

Two budget Xbox Adaptive Controller joysticks

  • Use the joystick as a Mouse controller using JoyToKey (and video of JoyToKey here). Use to browse the internet and much more.

  • Video below shows basic use.