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GCM 1 Handed Adapter

Titan Two adapter for One Handed Access.

£110 GCM XAC Adapter 
+£50 Bluetooth module
+£45 PS4 gamepad (sans rumble motors)
+POA Joy-Con kit

The Game Control Mixer: 1 Handed Adapter offers many ways for one-handed play.

> Instructions.

> Convert various off-the-shelf controllers for one-handed play. Controllers can be supplied upon request.

> Use on PC, Playstation (PS3 and PS4),Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Raspberry Pi. Other machines can be made compatible such as iOS, but these may require extra bits.

> Use a PS4 (or other) controller for purely left-handed or purely right-handed play. Wired or wireless with blue-tooth module.

> Use 2x Joy-Cons as a single controller (requires Bluetooth module).

> Use 1,2 or 3 controllers at once. Standard controllers or things like the XAC.

> 24 Thumb-stick modes can make play more comfortable. Change either stick to any mode at any time. These include d-pad, ABXY/shapes, mashing, driving, exploring and more.

> Use SHIFT button (-/touch/select) for quick access to out-of reach buttons.

> Can act as a PC Mouse or Gamepad on the press of a button.

> Use Speech and other PC controls via an  optional PC link.

> Basic Remapping options possible.

> Game Booklet (1 Stick + 2 Button games).
> Videos below show a little of GCM power.

Please get in touch for more information, customisation and purchasing details.

Two Joy-Con controllers pushed together to make a one-handed controller.

A right-hand PS4 controller made one-handed play.Left-hand controller from a standard Xbox One controller.

  • PS4 joypad recommended for standard gamepad use converted to left only or right only play (not supplied).

  • 3D print guides for Single hand Joy-Con adapter RIGHT, LEFT and ALTERNATIVE via Vexelius on Thingiverse. See Rami Wehbe's Also availble on eBay.