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Switch Accessible Art

Ambiomat art.

Choice and Control

With the right system, artists of all abilities can create art of their own using one switch alone.


The Ambiomat is a one-switch Mosaic art creation tool for all ages. Saves a PNG picture file after each completed run, that can be printed off using Window's print wizard. By Rob Fearon.

News on one-button art ideas.

La Mosqueta - Two switch colouring in activities. 

Help Kidz Learn - Various on-line switch accessible activities aimed at children and the young at heart. Includes Build a Sandcastle, Card Maker and Mosaic Painter.

Switch Adapted Water Pistol - Can be used with watered down coloured inks to create art, best when used in conjunction with a Non-Interventionist art system.

Switch Adapted Digital Cameras - Links to a blog post on various Switch adapted digital cameras from around the world, including mounting solutions.

Switch Accessible Music - Devoted to switch accessible music, including the Guitar Shred Show and the exciting Skoog.

Disability Arts - Links to people working in accessible art for the Disabled and Special Needs ( - Sell your own art on-line, on T-shirts, Postcards, Calenders, Bags and so on.

The Smalls - A more intimate place to showcase short films than YouTube.

Rough ideas for non-interventionist art creation:

Make style books for people to choose from - that have fixed rules as to how each example sheet was created (only to be broken by the artist - not the helper). Choose deliberately - or at random (flick through - hit a switch to stop - that is the system to follow).

Make rules to be selected at random - e.g. 1= red 2= blue 3= orange 4=black 5=yellow 6=white - get the person to throw a die to roll and select - if they can't deliberately. This is their own pure luck.

Time art creation

Use computer art package FX such as blurring, glare and so on using the same method - or from a flick book.

On-line dice: Thurrock Care Switch Programmes and a mix of number generators.

Please get in touch for more information, and especially if you know someone who may like to include thier work here.

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