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Switch Adapted Talking Lottery Number Picker


Switch Adapted Lottery Number Picker

Switch accessible lottery number picker.

"This jewel-turbaned titan of lucky lottery picks has your number - all your numbers - for five of the most popular UK lottery games. Just push the button associated with the game you want to play and then the 'Play' button (or switch). With captivating drama, brilliant insight and the help of an electronic number-randomising chip, he'll announce your lucky numbers. Features animatronic 'moving' mouth and accnoucement 'Repeat' button. 3'AA batteries (not included).'

Connect an accessibility switch to trigger the 'Play' button to make your pick. Great fun way for people to pick lottery numbers who might not know their numbers - or who want a quick way to pick.

  • Activate using the seven buttons or one plug-in accessibility switch.
  • Great fun Cause and Effect device, compatible with most accessibility switches.
  • Choices include National and Euro Lottery, Thunder Ball and Individual 'Picks'.
  • 3x AA batteries required (not supplied).