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"Gambler" pictured above.

Alice Amazed

Cartoon Alice in Wonderland in a basket on the top of a hill, surrounded by a protective rainbow, about to fire an arrow up at a rabbit balloon tethered above her.

Alice Amazed. Five mini-games for one or two players.

SPACE bar (1P) or RETURN (2P).

Michi & Tesa


Three thin white hoops in a green back ground. Scattered red balls all around.

Bomb Zone. Detonate red balls within the elipses within your ammo limit. Low pressure.

Reanimation Software.

Chuck Rock Dance

A prehistoric rock-band plays against a jungle background. 8-bit blocky graphics style.

Chuck Rock Dance mat style game. Anyone can play to the end of the song.

Park Productions

Ed the Scanner

Ed the Scanner. One eyed green alien controlling the x-ray machines at customs.

Ed the Scanner. Let safe luggage through or left-click to zap anything bad. Needs mouse for menus.


Fantasy Trumps

Fantasy Trumps game. Orb alien creature on the left with five stats, vs the Infernal Machine train on the right also with stats listed below.

Fantasy Trumps card game with Final Fantasy characters. Content not suitable for all.

Adam King


Child like computer drawing of a transporter lorry between two hospital buildings against a blue sky.

Fire. Save the fleeing people and bounce them into hospital to safety. Quite difficult.



An oriental white dragon flies overhead, to a backdrop of mountains and a greenish sky. On the ground a kind of flattened massive grilled helmet.

Gambler. Beautiful Fishing, Shooting, Gambling, Hiding & Archery games. Held and fast presses needed at times.

Lobo of Infectous

Hide the Fart

The Fart Game. Two men stare at one another at a bus stop.

Hide the Fart. Partially one-switch accessible. SPACE to let a fart out. Hide by sound of passing traffic. Not easy.

Volume Up

Look N Cook

Happy chef with moustache, with pan cooking a leg of meat.

Look N Cook. Use left-click (twice) to cook a meal. Requires pointer control to restart a game.


Miss Meteo

Flying Miss Meteo with an umbrella in the sky.

Miss Meteo. Fly high. Requires mouse emulation to navigate menus.


Nanaca Crash

A manga boy being punched into orbit by a Japanese girl.

Nanaca Crash. Crash a bike into a boy and keep him flying (click when "AERIAL" is red or blue for a boost). 

Cross Channel

Nano Sucker

Spattered green and red bacteria with a black Nano Sucker pushing a path through them.

Nano Sucker. SPACE bar to fight the ragged red infection trying to turn them all green and smooth.

Kurt & Leon Blackwell

One Button to Rule Them All

Robot with laser beam in a metallic world of falling blocks.

One Button to Rule Them All. Not a game, but full of game ideas for one-switch accessible play.

Kishimoto Studios

Paper Fingy

School desk with ruler, pencil and paper with cup stain and pencil drawing of a rugby player aiming a ball to kick through an H-shaped goal post.

Paper Fingy. Various tricky games on note paper! Requires very accurate switch skills.

Trevor 'Smila' Storey


Garden Gnome watering a plant.

Plitch. Water the garden. Very tough and requires mouse control for the menus.


Stone Worm

Crocodile, goat, flower and stone poo against a yellow background. Cartoon style.

Stone Worm. Don't starve, and don't overeat. Requires moderate timing skills.

Ilia Chentsov

The Boat Man

A barren desert with floating spectres.

The Boat Man. Send souls to heaven or hell. Some may find the game content disturbing.

Jeff Lunt

Venture Kid

Venture Kid running from a bolder in an Egyptian temple.

Venture Kid. Duck, Run and Jump using left-click to avoid chasing objects and creatures. Tough.


One Switch Arcade (XP)

Space craft encircle the planet Earth.

One Switch Arcade. 30 levels with some very difficult. Features a firework area accessible for all.

Alf Fly Games

Jungle Run (XP best)

Landrover trundles along a two lane dirt track.

Jungle Run. Drive through power-ups, avoid everything else. ENTER to start. SPACE bar to steer.

Nicholas Davila

Retro Remakes - Classic Gaming for the Next Generation.