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Performing Music with Switches

Cartoon image of the Guitar Shred Show man playing a guitar.

Switch Accessible Music: Performance

The following instruments offer a range of ways for Disabled people to become musicians. Get in touch if anything is unclear, or for help with emulation.

For advanced use consider mixing multiple instruments using multi-track recording technology. One-switch instruments can be performed on top of prearranged one-switch backing tracks.

Find more ideas in the Non-Interventionist Music System, from the links music area, the OneSwitch blog and from experts such as Drake Music.

Accessible Gaming and Music Booklet (PDF)

Image of the new Tony-B machine keyboard.

Gaming and Music Booklet (Free)

A small booklet made for Drake Music Project by

Joy To Key (PC)

Joy To Key. Image of a Playstation joypad with arrow pointing to a keyboard and mouse.

JoyToKey (PC - Free)

Use game controllers to play with the majority of PC on-line musical software.

This includes XAC, HORI Flex and Sony Access Controllers.

Beamz (PC)

Beamz 4 bars in a frame for playing music.

Beamz Player (PC)

Keyboard or mouse pointer music performance software.

Random (A-Z) (PC)

Random alphabetti-spaghetti.

Random (A-Z) (PC)

Set your switch to the UP arrow. Works with Patatap and similar.

By William Pilgrim

Switch Mixer Lite (PC)

Switch Mixer Lite (PC)

Switch Mixer Lite (PC)

Simple .wav sample player. "Q" cycles the playback mode. "1" plays the sample. "0" limits/unlimits sample play back. Try it!

Sound Town (PC)

Sound Town bird dropping berries onto leaves.

Sound Town (PC)

Explore Sound Town using one or two-switches. Five activities to create music. See more at Alexander Horowitz page.

TarHeel / Music Player (PC)

Music Player/Shortcutter for PC. Image of a musical note with a switch in the foot of the double-quaver.

TarHeel Player / Music Player (PC - Free)

Play short bursts of music from YouTube etc.

Mirror and info for Music Player via Will Wade.

Tink (PC)

Tink (PC)

Tink (PC - Free)

A simple 16-note sound sequencer that is a joy to use once you have understood the instructions.

Interact using a mouse compatible controller or single switch.

Emulation: Electroplankton (Nintendo DS)

Electroplankton (NDS)

Electroplankton (NDS)

Musical toys and sequencers. Some can be controlled with point and click alone.

MelonDS a good emulator to try to make this more accessible.

Emulation: Fluid (PSone)

Fluid - Interactive Sound Lab (PSone)

Fluid - Interactive Sound Lab (Playstation)

A sequencer and live performance area with a Dolphin. See the Non-Interventionist system.

Listen to one-switch musicans using Fluid.

Emulation: Music 2000 (PSone)

Music 2000 (PSone)

MUSIC 2000 (Playstation)

Triangle to get to the Music Jam section pictured.

Emulation: Virtual Light Machine (Atari Jaguar)

Virtual Light Machine psychedelic colours.

VLM (Playstation)

Originally a CD-Rom to Light Machine. This can now be controlled by any sound input into a PC for a big sensory effect.

BigPEme emulator.

Vault: E-Scape (PC)


E-Scape (PC)

Switch accessible sequencer with one-switch play through capability. By Tim Anderson of Inclusive Music. Doesn't work with Windows 10.

Vault: Guitar Shred Show

Guitar Shred Show - sensei Guitar genius cartoon.

Guitar Shred Show

A shadow of his former self but still possible to play with.

Vault: Joy Music (PC)

Joy Music

Joy Music (PC)

12 track sample loop player for mouse or 1 or 2 switches. 30 day trial.

Licensing may be possible via PeO Hedvall.