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Retro Controller Adapters

Controller Adapters / Controller Converters.

Many game controllers designed for a specific games machine can be adapted to work on another by attaching a converter. For instance, the adapter pictured above allows Playstation 2 compatible controllers to work on a Sega Saturn games console.

Many of these adapters are Playstation one and PS2 controller compatible. There are a huge range of second hand controllers possible to connect in this way including a range of one-handed controllers and arcade sticks. It is also sometimes possible to daisy-chain adapters to get an even wider range. Sometimes not though.

Click on the image below for payment details. Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear or for help in obtaining adapters you can't find easily. See the main adapters page here.

Atari / Megadrive

Megadrive / Genesis Joypad converter.

£35 or Synthetic Dreams PSX64

Attach Playstation Standard Controllers to Sega Megadrive / Genesis consoles using D9 Atari style connector.

Atari to PC and Mac

PC and Apple Macintosh

Out of Stock

AtariAge Stelladaptor. Attach a huge range of Atari compatible controllers to your PC or Mac. Comes supplied with a USB cable.

Dreamcast Adapter

Dreamcast Adapters.

£40 or Brook

Use Playstation controllers on a Dreamcast. No memory card slot.

Dreamcast Total Control Plus

Dreamcast Total Control Plus

Out of Stock

Use any standard PSone or Playstation 2 compatible controller on your Sega Dreamcast. Includes a VMU slot for full compatibility.

GameCube / Wii

Gamecube Cube Joy Box Adapter.

POA or Play Asia

Use a PSone or PS2 gamepad on a Nintendo GameCube. Can also be used on the original Wii with some gamepad compatible games.

Famicom JoyPad Converter

Famicom JoyPad Converter


Attach Playstation Standard Controllers to Nintendo Famicom consoles with D-shaped 15 pin controller sockets. Lik-Sang old stock.

PC Engine

PC Engine joypad adapters.


Attach Playstation Standard Controllers to NEC PC Engine round 8 pin controller sockets. Lik-Sang old stock.

Playstation PC USB Adapter

Playstation Controller to PC USB  Adapter.


Attach Playstation Standard Controllers to PCs with a USB socket. Design may change.

PS2 Smart Joy Frag

Smart Joy Frag for Playstation 2.

Out of Stock

Connect a PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard to your Sony Playstation 2.

SEGA Saturn Converter

Playstation to SEGA Saturn joypad converter.

£35 or Tototek

Attach Playstation One and 2 gamepads to SEGA's Saturn games console.

Super Famicom Converter

Super Famicom JoyPad Converter


Attach Playstation One and 2 controllers to Nintendo Super Famicom consoles. Not compatible with European SNES. Lik-Sang old stock.

Wii U Adapter

PC USB Controller Adapters.


The XCM Max Gear Cross Fight adapter enables some Xbox 360 controllers to play Classic Controller games such as Mario Kart 8.

Xbox Dreambox Adapter

Xbox Dreambox Adapter.


Use Playstation One and 2 gamepads on your Microsoft Xbox. Supports vibration and memory cards. See also the Smart Joy Frag.

Xbox 360 Adapters

Xbox 360 Adapters.


The XCM Re-Mapper allows for Xbox 360 wired controllers to have the buttons remapped.  See also Titan Two, XFPS 360/Sniper and Max Shooter.

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