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Switch Adapted NERF Rhino-Fire Elite foam dart gun


Reconditioned One-switch accessible NERF 50 Foam Dart battery powered foam dart gun. Excessive!


Mark target practice. Mount to a wheelchair. Great for cause and effect (through a curtain of tinsel). Great for shooting tin-cans. Excellent for shooting at friends (wearing eye-protection).


Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

NERF Rhino switch adapted large plastic double-barrelled toy sentry gun.
Use with an accessibility switch (3.5mm plug). Not supplied.

On/Off switch for manual override to improve safety.

Darts very soft.

Very fast reacting and will shoot up to 50 times. Huge fun. 

Gun comes without original box and instructions, and requires 6xD batteries not supplied. Very simple to use. Sliding top to get at any stuck darts (I didn't have any need to use this). Squeeze quick-release round holders and legs can be removed. Feel free to ask for any more info.

Close up of accessibility switch socket and on/off master switch.