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Switch Sound Box

£90 (plus postage)

5-switch sockets give access to five different sounds via standard accessibility switches.

From the soft purr of an old UK telephone engaged sound, to psychedelic synth, to piano to bonkers OOglie type sounds.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

Switch Sound Box - on/off switch, LED and speakers socket.
Use with one to five accessibility switches (3.5mm plug). Not supplied.

Requires 3x AA batteries, accessed by removing 4x Philips screws. 

On/Off switch to save batteries.

Your own sounds can be used (need to open case, and carefully connect a micro-USB cable to a PC, then copy small .WAV and .OGG files). Sound sample guidance here, or you can request me to do this for you for a small charge.

Switch Box