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Switch Accessible Arcade Games

Coin-operated amusement games that have been adapted for accessibility switch use. A small number of companies making traditionally inaccessible arcade games a possibility for disabled gamers.
Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear.


U CAN DO switch adapted pinball.


Brand new pinball machines adapted for switch access and wheel-chair height. Accessible Pinball video links here.

Sweet Land 4 RT

Namco's Sweet Land 4 RT.

From NAMCO Barrier Free Department (Japan)

Unusual game of skill adapted for switches.Try to win sweets under the glass dome by controlling a crane with two buttons, one to scoop and one to drop. 'Sweet Land 4 RT' Video link. More information in English here.

Switch Accessible JAMMA

Switch Accessible  JAMMA PCB games.

From (UK)

Switch accessible JAMMA arcade games for home use. Some of the finest one-switch games are JAMMA compatible: Mushihime Tama, Uo Poko (CAVE) and Star Trigon (Namco).

D.I.Y. guide; Star Trigon Video link here.

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