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Game Control Mixer

GCM100 Game Control Mixer black box joystick and switch interface. Connected to a round LED compass and an oblong Titan Two adapter.

£300 GCM100 
£350 GCM100 + LED compass

£480 GCM100P (sip-puff Goose Neck or Headset) + LED compass
POA Customisation

The Game Control Mixer (GCM) is a powerful accessible gaming system. A wide range of input devices  including switches, joysticks, joypads, speech and more can be mixed together to form a single player controller.

A special "SHIFT" switch enables players to reach more controls than they may be able to otherwise. This One Stick and Two Buttons gaming booklet (video here) shows many games possible to play with this system with a small number of controls.

Up to 4 joysticks can be set individually to one of 24 different play modes. Mix these as needed at any time.

Please get in touch for more information, customisation and purchasing details.

  • 1 stick + 1 switch (or sip) enough to reach all joypad controls.

  • PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, RetroPie compatible. See the instructions for a full list.

  • Works with standard accessibility switches.

  • 1-4 joysticks can each be set to one of 24 modes at any time (1-2 with non GCM100 set-ups).

  • A wide range of plug in joysticks are available for the GCM100.

  • Use an attached joypad controller as part of your controller mix, or use with a helper as a "co-pilot" controller.

  • Mix and share out controls to make many previously inaccessible games accessible. Suits a huge range of abilities.

  • Attach a Windows PC to mix in extra controls such as speech, on-screen keyboards and so on.

A complex Game Control Mixer accessible gaming set-up with two chunky joysticks, one with a MERU red U cow bar fitted. Two Sanwa switches and a small Atec ultra light blue switch. A microphone, PS4 controller and Titan Two adapter on a velcro tray.A simpler Game Control Mixer set-up of a white switch, joystick and LED compass.An Xbox Adaptive Controller with Ultrastick and Titan Two Game Control Mixer.

  • Further customisation is possible upon request, such as increasing joystick sensitivity and changing switch socket functions.

  • A restricted access option can be included, where it's impossible to use the Home and menu buttons. Useful for players getting lost in menus and for use at shows. 

  • For PC use, the unit can be forced into PS4 mode to work with Playstation services, and Xbox 360 mode for use with Steam on the press of a button.

  • Joystick modes include: left-stick, right-stick, d-pad, menu buttons, shoulder buttons, driving mode (standard and speed restricted), explore modes, six-axis and PS4 touch-pad emulation.

  • One-Switch Joystick mode: Sticks can be turned into a simple "A" or "B" button (aka Cross or Circle). Perhaps for foot control.

  • Joysticks connected to the GCM100 have advanced callibration making them very accurate in use.

  • Adapter kits can make connection possible to Android, iOS, Playstation 2, Dreamcast and more.

  • Sip-Puff possible to be retro-fitted or purchased up front (GCM100P).

  • LED Compass display helps players remember what mode they are in. GCM100 only.

  • Created by Celtic Magic and with support from

Games - see the video above for a handful of examples. A large number of games can be played with a single stick and one or two buttons or switches that were never originally possible to play indepdendently.

Sharing controls can make for fun team play. From a single switch upwards.


Joysticks for the Game Control Mixer: With joystick extensions.

Joysticks: Some of the joysticks available for the Game Control Mixer. See the accessories section above or get in touch.

LED compass

LED CompassGame Control Mixer: Guide.

GCM100's come supplied with an LED compass. This shows the current joystick mode for 1-4 sticks.

Useful LINKS

GCM100 Instructions - including help guides.

GCM100 XAC and C-SID Instructions.

GCM 1 Stick 2 Buttons gaming booklet - a list of excellent games possible to play with the GCM system, one stick and two buttons.

GCM Accessories.

Accessible Gaming Shop - More switches and mounting solutions. Also, many more complex devices that may work in the mix of GCM100 and Windows PC connection.