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XAC Mini Joystick

£95 standard (plus postage)
£105 lighter strength version (plus postage)

Xbox Adaptive Controller compatible joystick. Thumb-stick in a 6.5cm square box. Connect thumb-stick click to any switch socket on the XAC.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

Xbox Adaptive Controller Mini Joystick: Small thumbstick in a small black box. By

Velcro base (hook/rough style).
1 cable to connect stick to X1/X2 XAC port.
1 cable to hook thumb-stick click to any switch port.

Stick extensions / more pronounced fitting upon request.

Xbox Adaptive Controller with OneSwitch XAC Mini Joystick attached.

Joystick connections at the back of the box are grey socket for the 4-prong thin cable to X1/X2. Black socket to 2-prong cable to any switch socket.