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So? What's it all about?

What's it all about?:

I wanted to promote knowledge around fun things severely learning disabled people can get actively involved with. I now work one day a week on One Switch.

I chose the name OneSwitch, as a lot of disabled people I worked for found it easier to control devices using just one disability standard switch. These are simple on/off push button switches that connect to adapted equipment by plugging them into a headphone-style socket.

For example - a Playstation 2 can be used to stop/start music CDs and DVD films. The standard Playstation controller is too small and fiddly for many to use, but with an adapted Playstation controller and a remote switch it's no longer a problem. This kind of equipment is often called assistive technology or enabling equipment.

When enabling people to use this equipment in the past, I have wondered if they even understand the link between pressing the switch, and the effect it causes. Sometimes there is value simply in trying, and in luck. If a person happily presses a switch to roll a dice in a group game, even if they do not grasp the concept, it is their luck that provides a result, and no one elses. This has value.

Original Sony Playstation with Switch Interface and 2 switches.

The most important thing this web-site may achieve is to promote the inclusion of some of the most excluded people in society today. This of course needs the co-operation of families, friends, professionals and the public.

The terms for describing disability seem to change around the world and generations. I like the thinking that a person is disabled by their environment rather than their condition. I also believe that there should be greater celebration of difference in life - it makes the world a much better place to be in.

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