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Switch Adapted Playstation Joypad

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A Venom Playstation joypad adapted for accessibility switches to make gaming a little easier. Works on Playstation and PSone games and with an additional USB adapter with free utility JoyToKey can be used on PCs to play switch games (£5 extra).

Accessibility standard sockets allow for a huge range of controls to be attached.

  • Share controls where one player uses switches and the other uses the joypad.


Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

Switch Adapted Joytech Playstation Joypad for accessibility switches.

  • Works with the majority of Playstation games using a Dual Shock controller.
  • Enjoy some of the finest retro games available.
  • Can be connected to a PC adapter making most one switch games playable.

N.B. Switch access is to the shape buttons only. Plugging a switch into the "X" socket for instance can allow you to hit balls in golf games, make a car accellerate in race games and so on. Most games will still need someone to help set up menus and to take care of steering where needed.

Useful LINKS

Playstation One Instructions - Some old games and ideas that will work on a PS2.

One Switch Gaming - Much information on how to make games machines accessible, games reviews, links and access campaign.

D.I.Y. Guide - Step by step guides for building your own Switch Accessible Joypad.

C-SID - A fully switch accessible controller for almost all games machines.