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Video games are fun and also give people the power to do amazing things they would often be unable to in real life.

With the right specialised hardware, many standard video games can be played by anyone, no matter the disability. "One Switch Gaming" is focussed upon games playable with a single switch, and in campaigning for accessibility features in all games.

Read the latest and archived news at the OneSwitch Blog.

Free PC Games

One-Switch Game Library Downloads.

100+ fantastic single switch games available from the One Switch library for free download and play.

Console Switch Gaming

One Switch Pulse logo of a spiralled purple woman's face, heart beat graph and One Switch logo.

Play modern console and PC games using one or two switches with the One Switch Pulse system.

iOS Switch Recipes

Switch Recipes for iOS (iPads and iPhones).

Switch Recipes and Guided Access help for iPad and iPhone users. Help make iOS games switch accessible.

ATE Arcade Emulation

4. ATE Arcade - Accessible Through Emulation

Play exact replicas of arcade, console and retro computer games on your PC via software Emulators, at the ATE Arcade.

One Switch 100

One Switch 100. Image of a British traffic control wait box.

The history of one-switch (aka one-button) games. Lots of games to play and lots of fascinating history on accessible gaming.


Switch Interfaces. (PS2 Switch Interface Deluxe pictured).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a switch interface? Where can I get one? What switches do I need? How do I make one myself?

Buy Switch Equipment

Accessible Gaming Shop.

Switches, adapted controllers, mounting systems, adapters and much more in the OneSwitch.

Game Reviews

Game Reviews (Everybody's Golf for the Playstation pictured).

Game reviews and links to review sites of switch games.



Switch Gaming Essentials

On-line Switch Games

Off-line Switch Games

Writing a Switch Game

Other links

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