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More One Switch Games

Latest One Switch Games - 2022.
Blogged Games of the Year - 2008 to 2021.


Find a game you like. Click the picture to download to your Windows PC. If the file is called something like Darts.EXE, double-click it to play.

If it downloaded as a compressed ZIP or RAR file, right-click and extract it first. Use 7-Zip or WinRAR for RAR files.

Your switch interface should come with instructions on how to assign each switch to different key presses. Most games here use the "SPACE BAR" to play. If you are using a USB connected joystick, try JoyToKey.

Have fun, and get in touch for more help. For assistance in writing a one-switch game, please view the Design Tips for One Switch Games post.

A massive thanks to Retro who gave this collection such a boost in the early days. Especially so to Rob Fearon, 9752AD, The Toker, Coders Workshop, Codex, Donation Coder, and Caff. Thanks also to all who have given permission for their games to be hosted here. Also to anyone creating and promoting more accessible one-button games. Good on you.