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The 4Noah Art and Music Lab

Image of the TONY-b MACHINE on-line rhythm machine.

An eclectic mix of accessible music creation tools for PCs. Some stand alone such as Tink, and others work in conjunction with online musical instruments, such as the Tony-b Machine. I recommend that you swot up on the instructions before using to gain the maximum enjoyment.

Random (PC)

Random (PC) - Image of Alphabetti Spaghetti

Random (PC - Free)

Trigger a random letter from A-Z using a switch set as the UP arrow. Escape to quit. Use with compatible web and music toys. Could be used to run a game of the A-Z quiz too.

Switch Mixer Lite (PC)

Switch Mixer Lite (PC)

Switch Mixer Lite (PC - Free)

An easy way to play sound samples using one switch. Individual sounds can be played over and over, or sounds can be played from a list at random or in order. Many potential uses.

Tink (PC)

Tink (PC)

Tink (PC - Free)

A simple 16-note sound sequencer that is a joy to use once you have understood the instructions.

Interact using a mouse compatible controller or single switch.

Guitar Shred Show (PC)

One Switch Guitar Shred Show (PC)

One Switch Guitar Shred Show (PC - Free)

A small download utility that gives one switch random control over the wonderful (online) Guitar Shred Show and Mr. Fastfinger's Guitar playing. Fierce.

TONY-b Machine (PC)

TONY-b Machine (PC)

TONY-b Machine (PC - Free)

As with Guitar Shred Show, this is another small utility that once downloaded, gives one-switch random access to most of the sounds of the online TONY-b Machine. Very house.



N.B.All 4Noah utilities are the copyright of William Pilgrim © 2009 hosted here with his kind permission. These may not be charged for or adapted without prior permission.Retro Remakes - Classic Gaming for the Next Generation.