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Switch Adapted SEGA Handheld Games


Switch adapted McDonalds Happy Meal SEGA toys. Choose from Sonic the Hedgehog jumping through Green Hill Zone or Shadow the Hedgehog "Grinding" through the Industrial Zone.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

Image of SEGA Mini Video Games demonstrated by Sonic the Hedgehog and AiAi from Super Monkey Ball.

  • Connect any standard accessibility switch to play. One is all that is needed.
  • You can also play using the built in button.
  • Fun and simple SEGA one-switch games.

Image of Switch Adapted Sonic the Hedgehog - SEGA / McDonalds Happy Meal LCD Toy.Image of Switch Adapted Shadow the Hedgehog - SEGA / McDonalds Happy Meal LCD Toy.