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Budget XAC Stick

Xbox Adaptive Controller budget controller
£65 Predator Joystick (XAC/PC) + postage

A budget analogue joystick that works with the Xbox Adaptive Controller and Windows PCs via USB.

These controllers are new old stock PC analogue controllers fitted with a new USB board. They are individually centred and set up Trigger = A and thumb-button = B. On PC this is button 5 and 6.

  • PC and Xbox Adaptive Controller compatible.

  • Analogue joystick for precise control.

  • Can act as a Mouse replacement on PC with free software such as JoyToKey.

  • Optional Game Control Mixer enables connection to Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and much more.

  • Dimensions (ball-top): 20cm high. Base 21cm x 16cm.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details. Picture and video show an older method using analogue to USB adapters. Connection is now direct USB which is far neater.

Two budget Xbox Adaptive Controller joysticks

  • Use the joystick as a Mouse controller using JoyToKey (and video of JoyToKey here). Use to browse the internet and much more.

  • Video below shows basic use.