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GCM XAC adapter

Game Control Mixer XAC image of adapter and compatible machines.

£110 GCM XAC Adapter 
+£50 Wireless Bluetooth module

The GCM (Game Control Mixer) XAC adapter provides a massive upgrade to an Xbox Adaptive Controller.

> Instructions: Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch
> Game Booklet: 1 Stick + 2 Button GCM games.
> Speech: Voice Attack GCM profiles
> Download: Key, Mouse, Speech utilities, and Games.

> PC Mouse and Gamepad modes.
> Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo modes.
> Upgradable.
> Powerful game control mixing options.

> SHIFT feature.
> 24 x 2 joystick modes.
> 1 Stick + SHIFT button can reach all controls.
> Speech (linked Windows PC required).
> Custom options upon request.
> Videos below give an idea of GCM use.

Please get in touch for more information, customisation and purchasing details.

An Xbox Adaptive Controller with Ultrastick and Titan Two Game Control Mixer.Heavy Duty Joystick