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4 Switches Stick

£85 4 Switches Stick bat/ball top (plus postage)
£105 4 Switches Stick crown bat top (pictured)

A digital joystick that can connect to any four accessibility switch sockets. For instance to act as a D-pad on an Xbox Adaptive Controller as pictured below.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

4 Switch digital joystick, connected to the d-pad switch sockets on an Xbox Adaptive Controller

8-way Joystick access to d-pads, ABXY, or any of the switch sockets available.

Comes with 4x 1m black or white patch cables.

Joystick styles are basic ball or bat tops, or upgraded Crown CWL-309 stick. Customisation upon request including cable lengths and colours.

Joystick only. Xbox Adaptive Controller, and Ability World TechPad 480 not supplied.

Rear of 4 Switches Joystick and Xbox adaptive Controller, with four short white patch cables linking the joystick to the XAC d-pad sockets.