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Cronus/Titan One ULTRA Set Up Help

Cronus Device - Connect a PC to Xbox 360 or PS3 and make games hugely more accessible for physically disabled gamer. Image of the Cronus USB device in close-up.


The Cronus Max/Titan One device is a powerful system allowing different controllers to be used on a range of game consoles. The ULTRA method focusses on the facility to use Windows PC attached controls and sync them to play on an Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 or PS4.

The ULTRA pack consists of a Cronus Max/Titan One device, leads and PC software. Some of the key elements are:

  • JoyToKey with custom access profiles: Converts PC joystick input to key-strokes and mouse output. Various features can be implemented including control latching, auto-fire, control binding, applying multiple functions per control and complete profile changing on the fly. Profile changes can be linked to user-defined text and MP3 sound files to help guide the user. See this Boccia video as an example.
  • Max Aim profiles: These profiles synchronise JoyToKey with the Cronus Max/Titan One app "Max Aim" which links a PC to a Game Console. Nice.
  • An off-line recovery system: This aids in fixing non-functioning CM devices. Additionally there is the older "Bullseye" app which can work in place of MaxAim.
  • Optional Authentication: cable/adapter that will enable Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4 use.

Ten Steps Set-up GUIDE

1. Copy the ULTRA software to your computer if this is the first time of use. If you have the ULTRA memory stick, simply copy the entire contents to an easy to find location. Otherwise you will need the WinRAR utility before you can successfully download the "ULTRA.rar" file and extract the contents.

2. Connect your controller to your PC. You can use a mouse and/or keyboard with MaxAim, but to work with JoyToKey the controller must be recognised by the PC as a joystick. This is the case with a C-SID, One Hand Controller and Xbox 360 wired joypad. You can use up to 16 joystick type devices. Imagine that...

3. Start JoyToKey. Included in the JoyToKey folder is a basic version suitable for standard Xbox 360 and PS2 style Dual Shock controllers. There is also a two-button set-up for access to consoles using just two switches. A prototype can be seen in this two-switch PS3 video.

4. Test that your joystick is correctly set-up. Pressing buttons should turn their on-screen representations yellow within the Joystick 1 window pane (see below). Click on the profile of your choice (such as "PC Mode") to enter that control mode. See the JoyToKey instructions if you wish to learn more about creating your own custom set-ups.

Two-Switch JoyToKey screen

5. Link your PC to the "PC Prog" socket of the Cronus Max/Titan One using the short USB lead (as pictured below). You should see an animated "0" appear on the LED display.

Cronus Max/Titan One: Image of connecting a PC to the Cronus/Titan One device.

6. Download Gtuner from if this is your first time of use. You may need to turn off malware/phishing detection in your browser settings temporarily which I'm assured is okay to do. Search for Gtuner, start it, and update the Firmware via the Tools option. Finally, click-on then install the MaxAim app via the Plugins > Plugin Manger option.

7. Start MaxAim via its own short-cut, or via the Gtuner Plugins menu (or press ALT+F3). Delete any existing profiles you don't want, through the menu system. You may need to unlock them first (CTRL+L). Next import the four .glf profiles found in: 2 CRONUS DEVICE > PROFILES > MAX AIM layouts. Within MaxAim, select the console profile you want, such as the PS3 set-up below:

MaxAim with ULTRA profile for Playstation 3.

8. Authentication: Unless using a Playstation 3, you will need to connect an associated wired controller device to the INPUT socket of the Cronus Max/Titan One. For Xbox One and PS4 it needs to be via a Micro USB charging cable linked to the standard controller. For Xbox 360 it needs to be a wired Xbox 360 joypad or suitable adapter.

Cronus/Titan One Authentication method for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4.

9. Turn your console on via the power button. Link your console to the Cronus Max/Titan One using the long USB extension lead. The LED display should turn into three horizontal bars after a few seconds if all is correct. N.B. Ensure that no other controllers are paired or plugged into your console until you are fully set-up.

10. Test then Play! You can click on the Bullseye/MaxAim on-screen buttons to test if they are working. When ready, click on "Enter Capture Mode". Try using your mouse, keyboard and/or joypad as the controller. "6" should activate the menu system. Activate CTRL+ESCAPE to quit.

Trouble Shooting

A. I can navigate the console menus, but can't play games: For one-player games, your controller must be recognised as Player One. This is easiest with a PS3 as you can change the device settings from the menu screen. For others, you may need to turn off your console and repeat steps 9 and 10.

B. JoyToKey doesn't recognise my PC controller: Within JoyToKey go to Settings > Configure Joysticks > 2. Advanced setting for each device > [then highlight your device from the drop-down list that says "(Connected)" then set as "Joystick 1". Test the thumb-sticks/analogue sticks and you should get an on-screen response. If no good, try disconnecting then reconnecting your joystick or try a different USB port then repat step B. For C-SIDs and other Xbox 360 compatible controllers, you may need to download and install the Microsoft Xbox 360 PC Controller driver for things to work correctly.

C. JoyToKey is misbehaving. Check the settings reached via the "Preferences" option. Ensure that only "Highlighted buttons which are pressed" and "Minimize (instead of exit)" are ticked. Wnsure that the processing speed is set to "x8". Test your controls are correctly triggering key strokes within in a Notepad or Word document.

D. The Cronus/Titan device doesn't link up (at stage 9). Exit "Capture Mode" if relevent then try restarting the software and/or using a different USB port on your PC. If you still can't get the three horizontal lines to appear, try updating the firmware, resetting the device or using the older Bullseye software (PS3 and Xbox 360 only).

E. I can't get past the A/U flashing display: This is the authentication stage where your Xbox 360, Xbox One or PS4 is looking for a genuine wired controller belonging to that console. Try a different device if you can, or a different charging cable.

F. How do I reset my Cronus Device? Whilst connected, try pressing the tiny reset button (insert a tooth-pick or paper-clip) accessed via a hole in the back of the device. Give one short press, or two quick-presses with the aim of seeing a "P" appear on the LED display. You will then need to programme/re-flash the device.

On your PC, start the "2 Reset Cronus Device" application (this starts Gtuner v2.17 which allows you to load in old firmware manually). You'll need to flash your device twice with the firmware file "1.50 gfw". You can reach this via the Tools Option, then navigating to the "FIRMWARE" folder.

Close down "Gtuner v2.17". You should not need this again. You can now choose to try to reinstall Gtuner from and upgrade the firmware or use "Bullseye" instead as is.

G. How can I use Bullseye instead of MaxAim?: If you are unable to get on-line you can use the "Bullseye v2.62" software instead (double-click on "3 Setup OFF-LINE Gtuner (BASIC)" within your ULTRA software folder). Find the Bullseye link/app in your programs folder and start it. You will need to import the PS3 and or Xbox 360 profiles (see step 7 above). This will work on all four consoles although you may need to reset the device as described in step F.



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Cronus Device and Titan One developed by Jefferson Kopee, Brazil (c) Cronus 2012, 2014. To support the development and sharing of similar Assistive Technology, please consider supporting the charity SpecialEffect.