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Switch Accessible Dice

£25 (+delivery)

Battery powered dice spinner. Use an accessibility switch to spin your dice. The clear top comes off easily so you add or remove your own choice of dice.

Comes with 4 dice: two x 6 sided, one x blank and one x coloured dice. Also comes with a black cap.

Take part in board games.
Play Adventure Game books - where you are the hero.
Bet on Virtual Greyhounds using our Betting System.
Make your own random choices in Art and Music creation.
Can be used in a heads or tails manner.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

Switch accessible Dice Roller with clear dome and real dice.
Use with an accessibility switch (3.5mm plug). Not supplied.

Push-button on side still works.

Requires 2x AA batteries not supplied.

D.I.Y. electronic dice roller.