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Nunchuk (for XAC / HORI Flex)

£70 Nunchuk (plus postage)

An original analogue Nintendo Wii Nunchuk rebuilt to work with a Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller, HORI Flex or directly into a Windows PC.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details. Different colours upon request.

Nunchuk controller in white for an Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Modified new old stock Nintendo Wii Nunchuk. One analogue stick and two buttons. Small "C" button and larger "Z" button. These are set by default as buttons 1 and 2 (see below).

PC      XAC Left USB     XAC Right USB

(1)     L-STICK UP       VIEW
(2)     L-STICK DOWN     MENU
(3)     LS               RS
(4)     LB               RB
(5)     A                X
(6)     B                Y
(7)     VIEW             L-STICK UP
(8)     MENU             L-STICK DOWN

On an Xbox One/Series you can change the buttons via Settings > Accessibility > Controller. Change X1/X2 or VIEW/Menu to the available options.

Custom button assignments can be requested from those above. A 3D exploration stick can be made if the buttons are set to 7 & 8 and using the XAC Right USB socket.

If used with a HORI Flex, the Flex must have had the firmware updated. Note, the buttons will not function.

Rear C and X buttons on a Nunchuk controller adapted for HORI Flex and Xbox Adaptive Controller.