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GCM SAC adapter

Game Control Mixer Sony Access Controller

£110 GCM SAC Titan Adapter 
+£6 PC "PROG" connection cable

The GCM SAC Titan adapter provides a massive upgrade to a Sony Access Controller.

• Mouse mode.
• Gamepad modes for many computers and consoles.
• SHIFT features.
• PC input option for speech etc.

Instructions: Playstation
Gaming Booklet: 1 Stick + 2 Button gaming.
PC input utilities: JoyToKey and VoiceAttack.

Please get in touch for more information, customisation and purchasing details.

An Xbox Adaptive Controller with Ultrastick and Titan Two Game Control Mixer.Mini Joystick


Mouse mode includes switch options for left-click, right-click, drag, speed options, and axis locking for easier use.

Compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, Windows PC. A PS4 or PC running Remote Play network software is needed for PS5 use. With extra inexpensive hardware, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, Dreamcast, PS2 and more are possible.

SHIFT (via the VIEW button/switch) enables far more power when used with joysticks and buttons.

Joysticks can both be shifted independently into 1 of 24 different modes: left-stick, right-stick, d-pad, driving, exploring, shoulder-buttons, and more.

SHIFT buttons to get at a 2nd layer of controls. E.g. SHIFT + CROSS = PLAYSTATION.

Tap SHIFT to get extra features. E.g. SHIFT x3 = L3. SHIFT x4 = R3. 

Speech input via a linked PC can allow for control such as "crawl", "walk", "run", "jog", "sprint" using extra software.

Compatible with all SAC compatible switches and analogue joysticks from OneSwitch. System boosts the power of players who can't manage all controls at once.

Further customisation is possible upon request, such as increasing joystick sensitivity, simpler use, and so on.

Created by Celtic Magic and with support from