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VRAA! Box (SAC and XAC)

£45 (plus postage)

Control the trigger speed that an accessibility switch activates. You don't need to be restricted to 100% power or nothing at all anymore. Aimed at making driving games more accessible to switch users.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

VRAA Small black box with dial on and accessibility switch plugged into the front.

Connect to an Xbox Adaptive Controller via the LT or RT socket. Connect to a PS5 Sony Access Controller via an "E" port set to L2 or R2.

Small 50mm x 50mm x 20mm box with Velcro on base.

~1m cable.

Use with almost any 3.5mm accessibility switch (not supplied).

VRAA box underside with Velcro fitted.
Use with another button/switch set as R2/RT to have a two button cruise/turbo method of control.

Use with a OneSwitch Latchbox to latch the accelerator ON/OFF with no need to constantly hold the button.

HELP: Your VRAA box will not be initially recognised in the Sony Access Controller configuration app unless you set the VRAA box dial to "OFF" (fully anti-clockwise) then press your accessibility switch.

N.B. Please note Sony and Microsoft may one day add this feature as a free option. Fingers crossed.

Trabasack Curve Connect is available from Trabasack.

VRAA with Sony Access Controller and accessibility switch.