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HID Remapper v7

£99 (plus postage)
+POA extra patch cables and custom programming

Converts Xbox Adaptive Controller compatible USB joysticks to work with a Sony Access Controller.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

HID Remapper v7 with Sony Access Controller and a range of joysticks from
HID Remapper v7 from OneSwitch with Zik-Zak small joystick fitted with a golf-ball top.
Works by default with OneSwitch and Celtic Magic USB joysticks, such as the Zik-Zak, Mini-stick and Feather range. See the XAC Accessories page for more options. These can be hot-swapped between the four USB ports:

J1 = Left-stick
J2 = Right-stick
J3 = L2/R2
J4 = Joystick to 4x patch leads for button access

Ultrastik compatibility is possible upon request, or by reprogramming the HID Remapper v7.

Comes supplied with USB power/programming cable and 4x analogue cables (for E1,E2,E3,E4 connection).

Fitted with hook Velcro on the underside.

For button access, 3.5mm mono patch-cables are required. Supplied upon request.

As well as many gamepads and joysticks, it's possible to plug a Titan Two into the HID Remapper v7, if in forced PS4 mode. See instructions.

Advanced: Custom macros, latching, shift-modes, up to four profiles (perhaps more) and so on.

Guide for Sony Access Controller

Use the HID Remapper configuration on-line tool to connect to your HID Remapper to then build, load, edit and save profiles.

Instructions here with Sony Access Controller help.

Profiles here.

The open source HID Remapper project was created by Jacek FedoryƄski. D.I.Y. help here.

Trabasack Curve Connect is available from Trabasack.

Three USB joysticks into a Sony Access Controller.