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D.I.Y. Virtual Betting System

To enable people to lay down fun bets, you'll need a way to get across what they are betting on, and a way for them to choose. The example here, for use with Virtual Greyhound Racing, uses a picture book to offer deliberate choices, a dice to make random choices, and a set of rules.

1. The Picture Book:

You'll need to download the following greyhound picture links. On a PC, right click then "Save Target As..." each link:
Front page (108Kb) *
Dog 1 (38Kb)
Dog 2 (44Kb)
Dog 3 (32Kb)
Dog 4 (37Kb)
Dog 5 (63Kb)
Dog 6 (43Kb)
All 6 at once (108Kb)

Apart from the front page and instructions, all of the images will need to be re-sized before printing. I recommend scaling up to 25 x 18cm (10"x7"), remembering to print in landscape mode. I'd also recommend laminating and ring-binding the booklet to make it longer lasting.

* photo kindly relased to the public domain by Paul Duffett.

2. Dice:

Electronic Dice:

1. What you will need.

Dice and Number Generators:

You can purchase switch adapted Dice from the One Switch shop. or adapt one yourself following the D.I.Y. guide.

On-line Dice:

1. What you will need.

You can use free on-line dice at that can be set to roll between 1 and 18. Use with a PC switch interface.

Versatile Number Generator

1. What you will need.

You could use a versatile number generator with YES/NO on your PC, or purchase an old BBC Micro set-up from the One Switch boot sale.

3. Instructions:

Probably the most important part, being the rules on how to involve the player. Follow this link for my example instructions.

I have a few physical systems for sale, consisting of a switch, dice, laminated booklet and bag - please e-mail if interested.

Other ideas:

Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual Horse Racing.

Coral Virtual Horse Racing. Down load their free software, and bet on races for real or just for fun.

Greyhound Racing

Virtual Greyhound Racing.

Virtual Greyhound Racing. First you need to register free, then you can watch old races in 2D or 3D (click on RESULTS), or enter your own virtual Greyhound into new races.

Try these betting techniques.

Virtual Duck Race

Virtual Duck Race.

How's this for obscure! Bet on one of six racing ducks, or even race one yourself if you can control three switches. (Xbox and Dreamcast - 'Shenmue II').

Rubber Duck Race

Rubber Duck Race.

How about making your own races to bet on? Rubber ducks are available from Hawkins Bazaar. Please get in touch for more help, or to offer your ideas.

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