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Help Getting Around

  1.  takes you to the home page.

  2.  steps BACK a page.

  3.  takes you to the TOP of the page.

  4. Font Size icon click to change text style. 6 options including large Arial or Teletext fonts.

  5. Colour changing icon click to change the colour scheme including high-contrast modes.
  6. To look up and down each page, flick or use the UP and DOWN cursor keys.

  7. Tap/click the top large picture to skip down to the text below it.

  8. Click on orange underlined links to visit the link.


If you have a PC, try holding down the CTRL key then tapping + or - (plus or minus) to make things bigger or smaller. If you have an Apple Mac, use the Command key instead of CTRL. For both PCs and Apple Macs, if you have a mouse wheel, you can use that instead of + and -, which is a bit quicker.

More Help

For more help, see the BBC's excellent, albeit archived, My Web My Way help guide.