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Switch Adapted Drink Dispenser

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Switch Adapted drink dispenser, on top of a large Lemonade bottle by a glass and green accessibility switch.

Extremely rare switch adapted Drink Dispenser

This Japanese Bandai Deru Deru Orenchi Juice Stand is simply a drink dispenser that can be operated by pressing a glass up against the red tap, pressing the top red button or by using a single accessibility switch.

The device takes two AA size batteries, and comes with brand new pipe and attachments. It easily screws firmly onto a standard bottle neck such as the lemonade bottle above.

It could be used to: Dispense drinks; Sell drinks at an event; Use in cooking; Fill a bird bath; Fill water balloons; Fill an animal's water dish; Have fun!

  • Brand new old stock imported from Japan..
  • Activate using an accessibility switch.
  • Great fun Cause and Effect device.
  • Comes in various colours. E-mail to find out what we've got in.
  • 2x AA batteries required. Not included.
  • Accessibility switch, Lemonade and glass not included.
  • See this Switch Drinks Pourer for where the original idea came from.