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4. Switch accessible pinball and Real vs. Virtual games ideas - (page 15 of 16).

4.d. Real vs. Virtual games: ideas and techniques

Computer versions of real-life games, such as darts, pool, bowling & roulette can be set up alongside the real thing, enabling people of all abilities to compete on the same game. Take this system with you to social clubs, snooker halls, pubs & casinos!

Snooker and Pool: You will need to find a game which allows you to move the balls on the table freely (look for practice or trick shot options). After the person using the real Snooker/Pool table has taken their shot, rearrange the balls on the computer table to match the real table. The Playstation user takes their shot (see 'aiming' when the balls settle, rearrange the balls on the real table to match those on the computer screen and carry on alternating in this way.

Darts: It may be best to adapt the rules, e.g. closest to the bull, round the clock to 5, 'Killer darts', etc. 'Jimmy White's Snooker' has a darts board, but it isn't great for accessible gaming.

AIMING and SELECTING techniques:

In Snooker/Pool: Turn the interface off; Point out the hit-able balls, slowly, one at a time; When the person responds, aim the shot up; Turn the interface back on; Slowly and continuously move the aim around that angle until they take their shot. This is essential as it means the player can pot or miss depending on their skill and/or luck. Likewise in Darts, you might continuously adjust the aim around a point (e.g. if aiming for 20, hover around 5, 20 and 1) until the player hits their switch.

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