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Accessible Gaming Museum

Accessible Gaming Museum. Chris Myers playing one-switch accessible Shenmue Darts at a gaming convention.

Accessible Gaming Museum

Welcome all to the fledgling Game Accessibility Museum. This resource is the home to the One Switch 100 project and in the coming years much more on the history of game accessibility.

Latest History blog posts
Museum work in progress: Chapter 15 of the One Switch 100 book.

Bloody Cheats

Bloody Cheats

Cheating for better and recently far worse accessibility.

Supporting page for GAconf 2024 talk, Bloody Cheats.

OneSwitch 100

One Switch 100 book cover. A WAIT pedestrian crossing push button.

A history of game accessibility and one-switch gaming.

Fascinating and seldom told stories, games,  photos, videos and reading material galore.

Game Accessibility Talks

Game Accessibility History talks. Spiral with Game Accessibility Info symbol inside.

A mix of talks and some articles on game accessibility history.

Accessible AR and Virtual Reality

Accessible Virtual and Artificial Reality

Some history on accessible Augmented and Virtual Reality

Blind Gaming History

Visually impaired man using an Optacon camera-pen with tactile feedback unit to feel the screen output.

Some blind and visually impaired gaming history.


Boosted gamer. Cartoon of a small child standing on a crate so they can play an upright arcade game.

The first accessibility mod for arcade and video games?  "Boosted Little People" (2022).

One Handed Gaming

One Handed Gaming.

One Handed Gaming through the ages (2022).

Game Access History Exhibit at SpecialEffect

Game Access History Exhibit 2017

Game Access history exhibit. Part of the SpecialEffect 10th Anniversary celebrations. (2017)

Game Access Info

Game Accessibility Information Symbol (aka The Joypad Rider).

Free to use Game Accessibility Information symbol. Use to bring attention to access features in any game product (2012)

Shaking Things Up

Physical Barriers in Video Games

Can full-body games become more accessible?

Dimitris Grammenos ICS-FORTH (2012)

Physical Barriers in Video Games

Physical Barriers in Video Games

An accessible gaming article aimed at Game Developers.

Barrie Ellis (2006)

Classic Gaming Expo 2005

Accessible Gaming at the Classic Gaming Expo UK

Photos of One Switch exhibiting Accessible Games at the UK Classic Gaming Expo. (2005)

Accessible Gaming Pioneers

Pioneers of Accessible Gaming.

A brief history of game accessibility from the 1960's to the modern age. (2005)

Playstation PC interface

Playstation, CD, DVD Switch Interface.

Instructions and ideas for a switch adapted Namco Arcade Stick. (1996, 2001)

Number Generator

BBC Micro Switch Programmes.

Instructions for the BBC Micro "Thurrock Care Switch Programmes" set-up. (1995, 2000)

Top image of Christopher Myers playing a Shenmue mini-game of Darts on the Sega Dreamcast, using two head switches.