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Shout Box

£40 (plus postage)

Use your voice, breath or anything that can make a sound to act as a switch with the Shoutbox. Aimed for use with low-voltage switch interfaces for games machines, computers and toys.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

OneSwitch Shout Box by Jason Hotchkiss. Black and white small box of electronics, with dial, three LED lights and a microphone grill.

1 Sensitivity control.
2 Microphones: integral and 3.5mm plugin desktop mic.
3 Modes: Pulsed, toggled and normal (momentary).

RED light = power on.
YELLOW = sound detected.
GREEN  = output activated whilst lit.

3x AAA batteries supplied and fitted. Switch adapted gamepad not supplied.

Created by Jason Hotchkiss in association with

Shout Box with microphone and (not supplied) switch interface.