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Musical One Switch Games

Musical One Switch Games - Image of Um Jammer Lammy in full flow on her Guitar.

Playing Musical Games

The following games are most of the one-switch accessible music games that exist to the best of my knowledge.

You can find more on a variety of accessible music games at the OneSwitch Blog. If you are aware of any other switch accessible games, or would like help in accessing these games, then please get in touch.

Chuck Rock Dance

Chuck Rock Dance - image of a cave man led rock band in a jungle.

Chuck Rock Dance (PC - Free) If you like Queen's "We Will Rock You" you may enjoy a game or two on this one-switch dance game. Played entirely with the SPACE BAR.

Dancing Stage

Dancing Stage / Dance Dance Revolution demo screen.

Dancing Stage (PSone and PS2) The majority of Konami Dancing Stage (aka Dance Dance Revolution) games can be adapted to be one-switch playable.

One hardware solution is to use a C-SID switch interface with 3.5mm stereo splitters and patch leads.

DJ Hero 2

DJ Hero 2 screen shot.

DJ Hero 2 (Various Formats) Within DJ Hero 2's beginner level, you can play using any button to play. This device should be fairly simple to switch adapt if needed.

Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero World Tour Go to the practice area on the easiest setting, to play with the strum bar alone. As Gavin Philips demonstrated at the amazing AbleGames event, a simple hack can open this game up for one-switch play.

Rock Band

Rock Band - Image of the game playing screen.

Rock Band (Various Formats) As a band it is possible to play Guitar and Drums using switches using adapted hardware:

D.I.Y. Switch Accessible Guitar Guide
D.I.Y. Switch Accessible Drums Guide

Sound Town (PC)

Sound Town bird dropping berries onto leaves.

Sound Town (PC)

Explore Sound Town using one or two-switches. Five activities to create music. See more at Alexander Horowitz page.

Um Jammer Lammy

Um Jammer Lammy - Playstation music game playable with one-switch.

Um Jammer Lammy (PSone/PS2) A wonderfully funky game for those with very good rhythm. One-switch mode:

Select EASY from the OPTION menu for "X" to play mode.


Other ideas for Music Games

Almost all dance mat games can be played using multiple accessibility switches. One of my favourite dance mat games is The Jungle Book Groove Party for the PSone. Some great tunes (especially "We Are the Vultures" in Scouse-Ska style) and in two player mode you can help one another to get through each stage.

There are also a number of alternative access controllers including the professionally built Hand Dance Pro.