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Switch Adapted Electric Water Gun

£35 - plus postage

One-switch accessible battery powered water pistol with continuous fire (about 6m range with new batteries). Blue light when in use. Use with any standard accessibility switch (not supplied).

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

Switch Adapted Electric Water Gun

1x Accessibility switch required (not supplied).
4x AA Batteries required (not supplied).

Can be mounted with cable-ties, polystyrene cut to size, bean bags and other methods.

N.B. Do NOT submerge this gun in water.

Uses include:

Water your plants
Play target practice outdoors or in your bath
Use watered down coloured inks to create splatter art
Cool your dog down on a hot day
Clean a dirty relative
Spray your neighbour then hide
Wash a car (very slowly)
Fill the bird bath
Rinse off the dishes
Fill water balloons
Squirt yourself
Fill an animal's water dish
Spray clothes for ironing
Cool off a friend after exercising
Give players a drink at athletic events
Write water messages on the pavement
Shoot at paper targets
Wet down someone's hair when getting a haircut
Have fun!

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Blue illuminated sparkly panel on side of water pistol.1 Open the Battery cover. 2 Insert 4x AA batteries. 3. Fill the tank with clean water. 4. Pull the trigger (or press the switch) to shoot.