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Virtual Dog Betting System Instructions


This Betting System is intended to demonstrate how severely disabled people can make fun bets. The example here is of European Dog Racing, for which I recommend using with Virtual Greyhound Racing. However, this idea can be adapted for many other events - see the D.I.Y. guide for more.

I have a few physical systems for sale - please e-mail if interested.

Click for ADVANCED betting.

BASIC BETTING for beginners:

The player will need an enabler, the Virtual Dog Betting System with switch, a pen and the race card programme. The race card contains the times and details of each race.

Make sure the player has a good view of the race.

Use the race card to find the next race due to take place. It should list each of the six dogs, their name, and the trap they will be running from. The trap number decides the colour vest the greyhound will wear: 1=Red; 2=Blue; 3=White; 4=Black; 5=Orange and 6=Stripes.

One Switch Dog 1.One Switch Dog 2.

Read clearly to the player, each dog's name, trap number and vest colour from the "race card". At the same time, show the player the matching picture from the "dog betting system". Ideally, do this twice.

If the player shows a positive reaction, such as a smile, strong blink, touching the page or using a "YES" selector, take that as a choice.

Switch Electronic Dice. If the player does not make a clear choice, they can make their own random choice, using the Electronic Dice. To use this, connect a switch or sensor ("simple jack plug") to the die's 3.5mm (headphone style) socket. Try a test roll first.

Show the player the die, then their switch. Offer the switch so that they can operate it themselves. N.B.Be patient, and above all else - don't press, nor release it for them!

On the roll of the die, whatever number shows is their random choice. Show the dog picture, read it's name, trap number and vest colour - then put a small bet on. If the player refuses to press the switch, then no bet goes on; Just enjoy the race for free. Either way, keep describing to the player what's going on: the build up, the race and the result. GOOD LUCK!


One Switch Six Dogs.If the player finds it easier, use the picture of all six dogs starting from the "traps". Point to each, reading it's name, number and colour. Again, look for a positive reaction.

ADVANCED BETTING - Bigger wins possible!:

To make things a little more exciting, the player can change the style of betting before each race, using the electronic dice. This is totally down to luck, but importantly, it's the player's luck, no one else's:

(a). Roll the die.
(b). Follow the matching numbered rule below.
(c). Put your bet on.

1 = Place - Select ONE dog, to be 1st or 2nd
e.g."£1 - Place - Dog 3".

2 =Win - Select ONE dog, to be the winner of the race
e.g. "£1 - Win - Dog 2".

3 =Reverse Forecast - Select TWO dogs, to come 1st and 2nd in either order
e.g. "50p - Reverse Forecast - Dogs 1 and 6" - costing £1 in total.

4 =Forecast - Select TWO dogs, to come 1st and 2nd in the correct order
e.g. "£1 - Forecast - Dogs 4 and 5".

5 =Allways Trio - Select THREE dogs, to come 1st, 2nd & 3rd in any order
e.g. "20p - Allways Trio - Dogs 1, 3 and 5" - costing £1.20 in total.

6 =Trio - Select THREE dogs, to come 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the correct order
e.g. "£1 - Trio - Dogs 1, 2 and 6".

If the player doesn't wish to operate the switch here, revert to Basic Betting.

Doubles: If you roll a double during one Forecast or Trio bet, - roll again until you have all different numbers. - Life after racing.

Main photo adapted from a Paul Duffett original photograph.
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