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Cause and Effect

Colourful speckles against a black background.

One Switch Cause and Effect activities. Click an image to download.


Ian Bean Mix

Halloween cat and bat against a moon.
Ian Bean Mix. Switch, keyboard, mouse-pointer and Eye-gaze accessible slide-show.

Made with IT's Slideshow Maker.

SENict / Ian Bean

Children's Games

Tarheel gameplay image of Children's Games. A child on their knees about to make a snowball. Promt asks, make a snowball?

Children's Games. SPACE bar or click to interact with a wide range of fascinating international children's games.

Blog post

Catchy Orbit

To a Galaxy backdrop, a range of blue, red and grey spheres.

Catchy Orbit. SPACE bar alone is enough to get from stage 1 to 22. Brilliant low pressure game.

A. Shkljaev & A. Gulev

Light Box

Colourful speckle effects.
Lightbox. Abstract FX via Switch, keyboard, mouse and eye-gaze.

iOS and Android version. See also SEN Teacher.



Cartoon-ish goal-keeper in yellow shirt and shorts. Football about to hit the back of the net.

Penalty! shoot-outs. Cause and effect game of luck for beginners. 

Ian Bean, Priory Woods School

SEN Switcher

SEN Switcher purple and white star.
SEN Switcher. "Accessible software for students with profound and multiple learning difficulties". From Experiential to basic Scanning. Ian Bean.

Northern Grid

Smash Melon

A round water melon on a sandy hot beach.
Smash Melon aka Suikawari. Very simple power-point switch activity. F5 to play. Click to smash.

Bo-Yd Style

The One Armed Bandit

Cartoon fruit machine / one armed bandit.

The One Armed Bandit. Fruit machine game with content some may find a bit rude. Click on the arm to play.

Circus X

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Enllaços Commutador.