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Room 14

Atari VCS Space Invaders instruction manual. A grid of 16 x 7 game variations. Game types included moving shields, zigzagging bombs, fast bombs, invisible invaders. Also one-player, two-player and partnership games.

Team Play

Sharing controls to make play easier surely dates back to the earliest of video games. 

My first memory of this is in sharing a free credit left on an Atari Asteroids machine between a group of kids. We pennyless youth cramped up around the machine to share the 5 buttons and precious game. It didn't last long. 

By 1980 Atari VCS owners had a less constricted shared play option. The seminal Space Invaders game cartridge featured two player partnership options (games 97-112). Here the controls were split between joystick 1 to move, and joystick 2 to fire. An early form of video game co-piloting.

For many physically and learning disabled people, modified controllers and this type of shared play method will always be an essential way to play.


One player moves, other player fires.

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