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Room 16

A young girl, Joanne, watching the MAVIS TV output. Seated in her wheelchair with two wiper switches int front of her. Her Mum, Sylvia, helps to steady her hand so she can make deliberate choices.  Walls are clad with wooden floorboards. Narrow waist height book case and electric fire in view, with lots of brass ornaments.   MAVIS computer within a black briefcase sits on a small side table.

MAVIS (1975-1981)

The first all-in-one computer system aimed at disabled people that covered creativity, communication, leisure and environmental control: The Microprocessor Audio-Visual Information System.

Backed by the UK government, this pioneering British computer deserves to be remembered.

MAVIS Mk.II computer by Ferranti (circa 1979). Colour TV to the left with questionnaire displayed. Interface box back. Printer right. A couple of foam switches under the table.MAVIS II computer system (c.1979)

Room 16 Exhibits

No MK II Ferranti or original Mk I MAVIS machines have survived to the best of my research. The later BBC Micro has some thematically similar games, with a Shooting Gallery and Snap game from Brilliant Computing possible to play with a single switch. Use a switch set to SPACE BAR.

• Play One Button Hangman
• Play BBC Micro Shooting Gallery
• Play BBC Micro Snap 
• Play BBC Micro Simon
• Play SPOC
• Spotify

OCR version of 1981 Aids Book
2015 Julia Schofield notes
Dr Julia Schofield MBE and tribute
Dr Christopher Evans
Reginald Maling
New Worlds 1969 - Scans
• Crash
• National Physical Laboratory (NPL)