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Controller Adapters

Controller Adapters / Controller Converters.

Many game controllers designed for a specific games machine can be adapted to work on another by attaching a converter. For instance, the adapter pictured above allows Playstation 2 compatible controllers to work on a Sega Saturn games console.

Of note, the Playstation one and PS2 games consoles probably have the largest range of controllers to choose from, including a range of one-handed controllers and arcade sticks.

Click on the image of the games machine below that you have to find out more on compatible adapters. Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear or for help in obtaining adapters you can't find easily.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform Adapters

From OneSwitch, Console Tuner, Brook, CodeJunkies (Evo Hub)XCM, XIM and others.

Some more advanced adapters allow for use across a wider range of consoles and with a variety of controllers. The Titan One and Xim 4 can connect to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For simple One Handed connection to PS4 see this blog post or this post for Xbox One.

Wii U Adapters

PC USB Controller Adapters.

From XCM and others.

Max Gear Cross Fight adapters enable some Xbox 360 controllers to play Classic Controller games such as Mario Kart 8. Compatible controllers include the C-SID, Razer ONZA, Microsoft wired Xbox 360 joypad and One Hand Controllers using the appropriate adapter.

These adapters can often be found by searching at Amazon or eBay.

PC Adapters

PC USB Controller Adapters.

From and others.

Adapters enabling a variety of controllers to be used with PCs, and in some instances Macs too.

Good alternatives can often be found by searching at Amazon or eBay.

Playstation 3 Adapters

Playstation Adapters.

From eBay and

Many adapters no longer work for the PS3 due to Sony shutting out many 3rd party controllers post firmware 3.50 update.

Those still working (6.5.2011) include the "360" adapter from Hong Kong.

Playstation & PS2 Adapters

Playstation Adapters.

From and others.

A very broad range of controllers are already compatible with the PSone and PS2. However, there are a number of adapters that may be of use, such as the Mayflash Programmable Converter and SmartJoy Frag which allows for a PC Mouse and Keyboard to be attached.

Xbox 360 Adapters

Xbox 360 Adapters.

From Mr. Mod Chips (UK), PlayAsia, Renchi, XCM (Hong Kong), and eBay (International) .

The Chinese "360" adapter is the cheapest option. The "XFPS 360/Sniper" and "Max Shooter" enable mouse, keyboard or Playstation 2 compatible controllers to be used.

Xbox Adapters

Xbox Adapters.

From or (USA).

SmartJoy Frag - connect a PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard to your Xbox. Try searching eBay or Google for alternative stock.

Gamecube and Wii Adapters

Gamecube and Wii controller adapters.

From Play-Asia (Hong Kong)

Connect Playstation Dual-Shock compatible controllers or keyboards to your Gamecube.

Dreamcast Adapters

Dreamcast Adapters.

From (UK) and Play-Asia (Hong Kong).

Use Playstation controllers on a Dreamcast.

Retro Console Adapters

Classic Console Adapters.

From and AmigaKit (USB) and PlayAsia and Tototek and RetroZone and Raphnet Technologies

Including PC-Engine; Atari; Megadrive/Genesis; Saturn; Vectrex; Commodore 64/Amiga; 3DO.

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