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Various Gaming AT

This area focusses upon various gaming assistive technology (AT) that may make gaming more accessible and comfortable.

Remember that many things can be made to work with other games machines using adapters. This is especially so using the Titan One or Titan Two adapters and UCR. 

Please get in touch via e-mail for help on anything that is unclear or if you know of any new hardware that might help others that I should feature.

Left Hand Fighter


A Dual-Shock Playstation and PS2 compatible controller with the D-pad and shape buttons reversed for left handed gamers.


Mini Dance Mat


A hand sized dance mat, opening up games such as Dance Dance Revolution to gamers unable to use their legs, but able to use their fingers.



From Various

The EyeToy is a camera that places your moving image on-screen to play games. It is possible to aim the camera at different parts of the body to play games. For instance, a foot alone could be the main focus for play. The original EyeToy Play game has a fantastic play area within which people of almost all abilities can experiment freely. For PS2 and PS3.


Foot Controls

From Fentek (USA) and others.

A variety of methods can be used for foot controls. These can act as a mouse, keyboard, joystick or buttons. Get in touch for more help.


MERU Moozi

From MERU (UK)

Low profile joysticks that can be hooked up to games machines with a suitable adapter. Contact MERU for more.


Mobile Air Mouse

From RPA Tech (USA)

Use the sensitive touch screen of an iPhone or iPad to take over the functions of a mouse and keyboard on a Mac or PC.


Novint Falcon

From Novint (USA)

PC Force feedback controller.


Peregrine Game Glove

From Iron Will Innovations (Canada)

This device has over 30 sensor points that can trigger any key on a standard PC keyboard. It is possible that this can be set up to be used on an Xbox 360 via an appropriate adapter. This is as yet an untested theory.


Pro Gamer Command Unit

From Saitek (International)

Illuminated controller with a 4-way analogue hat switch, 20 buttons including space, shift function and 3 mode states for up to 144 programmable commands.


Remapping devices

From XCM (China), eBay and others

Pictured is the XCM Re-Mapper for the Xbox 360. This allows for controls to be swapped around on standard controllers. Idea for left-handed users and those using non-standard controllers.

Also available for the PS3 in various guises. Video here.


RJ Cooper Controllers

From RJ Cooper (USA)

A range of inexpensive adapted joypad controllers for modern games consoles.

"Quad Button Box" pictured. This allows for play without the need to grasp the controller with level surface access to the shoulder controls.




GlovePIE - Is a script based utility that allows for speech to emulate game controls. See this YouTube guide for more help. 

Say2Play and VAC are commercial alternatives both reported to have easier to use interfaces.


SplitFish Controllers

From SplitFish (Canada and USA)

A range of interesting split controllers aimed at hard core gamers, but many with potentially useful accessibility features for all gamers.


Steering Controllers

Steering Controllers. Simability accessible steering wheel modification kit.

Via Simability (USA), Digital Motorsports (Ireland) and SRM (UK).

Mod kits for driving controllers. Put the analogue brakes & acceleration within reach of a single hand. Accessible Driving Video link and more details on other similar methods.


Tash Mini Joystick

Tash Mini Joystick.

Via AbleNet (USA).

For PCs and Macs with a USB socket. Four switches are activated by moving the joystick in four directions; the fifth is activated by pressing down on the joystick shaft. Two tips are included: one is flexible rubber and can be cut to desired size, and the other is hard plastic.


The Avenger

From N-Control (USA)

A casing system for Xbox 360 controllers to make buttons quicker and easier to activate.


Thumb Stick Extensions

From Thumb Soldiers (UK), KontrolFreek (USA) and Pandaren

A range of inexpensive thumb-stick add ons that can make thumb-stick use more accessible such as the Rcade Freek. Alternative video here.



From KeyTools (UK)

The Cirque Glidepoint SmartCat USB touch-pad that can work without a driver. Thus it should work on a PC, and even an Xbox 360 through an XFPS 360 or Track Mapper adapter with USB to PS/2 adapter.

Touch area 75x50mm. Also see the SmartCat Pro also from KeyTools.


Trackballs (PC and Mac)

From InfoGrip (USA) and many others.

For PCs and Macs with a USB socket. Trackballs are basically an upturned traditional mouse and should work with all mouse based games. Simply roll your hand over the ball to move your pointer.

These controllers can be used with Playstation, Xbox and Xbox 360 games using an appropriate 'SmartFRAG' style adapter.


Virtual Reality

Accessible Virtual Reality.

See WalkinVR (Poland) and others.

A variety of methods can help with making Virtual Reality a little more accessible. WalkinVR software offers modes to get around issues of missing limbs.


3 in 1 Thrustmaster

From Amazon UK and Amazon USA

A PC, PS2 and PS3 compatible controller with the ability to remap the buttons in a versatile way.

Assistive Mouse Adapter

Montrose Secam (UK). Out of business.

A hardware device for PCs that helps to filter out unwanted hand tremors.


Hand Dance Pro

Hand Dance Pro alternative hand controller for Dance Mat games.

From Cobalt Flux (USA)

Another Dance Mat alternative using large arcade standard push-buttons. Worth mentioning that most games console switch interfaces will allow you to do this too.


Floor Board (Wii-Fit)

Vivify Floor Board. Wii-Fit for wheelchair users.

From Vivify (Canada)

Wii-Fit board adaptation that allows manual wheelchair users to play Wii-Fit games.


Fragpedal Deluxe

From Think Geek (USA)

USB footpedal controllers which can be remapped to any key press.


Phoenix Revolution

From Radica (UK and USA)

This PS2 controller features interchangeable modules enabling gamers to alter the set up of the controller by repositioning the thumb sticks and action buttons according to their own personal preference.

The inclusion of tension sticks also allows players to tighten or loosen the resistance of the sticks by twisting a dial located under each thumb rest, while the invert switch gives the option to invert the up-down movement of the right stick.


TecTetra Wii

TecTetra Wii

Via TecTetra (UK).

A remote control system that moves a Wii controller physically, and pushes up to two buttons.



Most Wanted list for Accessible Gaming Gear.

Features the OneSwitch wish list, and other individual's unfulfilled wants.



More Accessible Gaming AT

Ability Net - is a UK charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology.

Edupro - A large range of Joysticks and Trackballs are detailed at this Dutch site.

Game-Accessibility - Focusing on the accessibility of electronic games for gamers with disabilities.

InfoGrip - Large range of accessible controls (USA).